Example Public Events

Example Public Events

Yoga Immersion

The Yoga Immersion is a 1-3 week experience of therapeutic yoga.  Classes can be once a day, twice a day, or three times a day (omg!)  It offers an opportunity for beginners to take a first step into devoting to some kind of practice, and already active people to move their bodies (and therefore their minds, spirits, hearts and souls) in ways that they may never have 🙂

The style of yoga taught is a therapeutic Japanese style based on the seasons and accessing energy meridians.  Alot of the class can be floorwork, helping give access to possibly confronting parts of ourselves in a safe, gentle, supported way.  It is taught by Melissa Colman.  Click here for more on the yoga, and here for more on Melissa.

Participants can come casually, or buy a 4/8 class pass, or an unlimited one.

Want one for your town/locality?  Please click here.

Workout To Wellness

The Workout To Wellness is a mini-Healing Arts expo!  The event provides multiple healing art sessions in one day to give participants a little taste of everything.  Our most recent WTW was five workshops in one:

  • japanese yoga;
  • tai chi;
  • art therapy;
  • massage; and
  • chakra balance meditation.

The Workout To Wellness typically includes a light lunch.

Want one for your town/locality?  Please click here.

Family Yoga and Adventure Camp

This event was two nights, three days of kids, family and adult yoga and adventure activities at the Echo Creek Camp near Tully/Mission Beach, FNQ.  There were stunning blue skies, fresh crystal clear waters, and smiles all round as the participant families took an opportunity to get some personal health time and still be together during yoga classes and enjoying the facilitated adventure activities such as archery and a very muddy obstacle course!  We’d go back to Echo Creek in a heartbeat, it was awesome.

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