Tailor-Made Service

Tailor-Made Service

Healing Arts Events delights in partnering with you to deliver your perfect team wellness education experience and/or celebration event!

What we offer…

Our healing arts events will provide you and your team with a direct tangible experience of the world of ancient and modern healing arts.  We aim to deliver an event you will remember, and that can be used as a springboard to explore/integrate new wellness practices into your daily lives from then on should the participants choose.

Click here for a sample one-day programme

Each of our healing artisans has been on their own journey towards personal truth and authenticity.  They teach from direct experience of the transformative power of the techniques that they now share.

Whether your group is workplace colleagues, friends and family or some other community group, we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the profound effects of ancient and modern healing arts!

In summary, we offer:

  • Experiential sessions presented by dedicated proficient healing artisans
  • Tailor-made programme to meet the needs of your team
  • End-to-end event organisation and delivery, or we can participate in certain stages only as required by you
  • Techniques shared on the day/retreat can be used at home for ongoing personal support and growth

Want to go further…?

If you would like to proceed with hosting a Healing Arts Event for your team, group of friends/family, or other community group, please fill out this form.

Or pick up the phone – Melissa Colman 0404 862 533 – and we’ll get the voice-to-voice conversation happening straight away.

What happens then…

After an easy conversation confirming and/or clarifying your intentions, needs and desires:

  1. Healing Arts Events drafts up a proposal containing a suggested programme, a quote, and any other logistical considerations and details required to make the day a success (ie. venue, caterer, transport) and how these will be organised (Healing Arts Events can do as much or as little as you need);
  2. You receive and review the proposal;
  3. We discuss the proposal and make any changes required; and
  4. Together we put on an event that your team will love, remember and prosper from, yay! 🙂