Some ‘Her’story

Some ‘Her’story

Healing Arts Events began in the middle of a lake…

…yep this lake right here, in Far North Queensland…

…two new friends…

…yep, these two friends right here…

…were floating around on their floaty noodles, as you do, sharing things that make their hearts and souls sing and everything else come alive too…

And, in 2016, they delighted in holding five public events:

  • Workout To Wellness, Mareeba, FNQ – Feb 2016
  • Family Yoga and Adventure Camp, Echo Creek, FNQ – Apr 2016
  • Yoga Under the Stars, Atherton, FNQ – May 2016
  • Workout To Wellness, Mareeba, FNQ – May 2016
  • Winter Solstice Retreat, Daintree, FNQ – Jun 2016

And Healing Arts Events was born… 🙂

Since then, we’ve been excited to hold another seven community events, most of them being non-residential  Yoga Immersion experiences.  For a history of our events, please click here.

Nikki now lives at Koah, with her family, and, amongst a myriad of other things, is completing her Art Therapy studies.

Melissa returned to Mareeba in July 2018, after 2 years in Northern NSW.  She is operating The Mareeba Yoga Studio, and feels inspired to continue organising and delivering public events, wherever there might be a desire for them, including introducing the mini-healing arts expo concept of the Workout To Wellness/Healing Arts Wellness Days and healing arts in general to teams of people in the workplace and community organisations.  It has been Melissa’s experience that any type of healing art practice has permanent positive effects on our health, wellbeing and general enjoyment of life.

For more on Melissa’s individual wellbeing services, please visit her practitioner website <coming soon>.   For more on her yoga specifically, please visit:  the yoga, Melissa the yoga teacher, class testimonials and/or our facebook page