What IS a ‘Healing Art’ anyway?

What IS a ‘Healing Art’ anyway?

‘Healing’ can be defined as the ‘return to health’.  And health, in the sense of healing arts, is very very broad – it is a euphemism for wholeness; for authenticity; for being connected to ALL aspect of yourself as a human; for our capacity to live the joy of our true selves moment to moment.  THIS is health.

‘Art’ can be defined as a creative process, stemming from the imagination, or being guided from something beyond a step by step process.

A Healing Art is a system/framework of techniques that is applied in a creative intuitive way so as to bring about a new level of awareness; new connections; new understandings and perspectives; growth and transformation; a greater sense of wellbeing for the participant.

A by no means complete list of traditional healing arts is as follows:

  • hatha yoga;
  • tai chi;
  • qi gong;
  • other martial arts grounded in spiritual philosophy;
  • meditation of any kind (breath, sound);
  • massage (acupressure points);
  • chanting…

Ancient healing arts have been used for millennia as medicine, and as self-maintenance and personal evolution tools.

More modern healing arts include:

  • aikido;
  • japanese yoga;
  • shiatsu massage;
  • self-massage;
  • art therapy;
  • guided visualisation meditation;
  • wholefood knowledge and cooking;
  • emotional freedom techniques (tapping)…

The modern healing arts are typically built upon practices and philosophies that have survived the test of time when it comes to supporting humankind.

Melissa Colman, Healing Arts Events, Spiral Guy