Mid-Morning Classes

Mid-Morning Classes

(Aka Grounded Compassion, Satisfaction and Joy)

If you are feeling that the early morning classes are the ultimate Everest journey, think again hehe.

9-11am is Spleen time. Spleen knows how to apply itself to worthy activities and derive enormous satisfaction from this. As a physical function, the Spleen transforms what we consume into glucose, which is the most vital input to our bodies’ energy production process. Metaphysically, the Spleen is our ability to NOURISH and NURTURE ourselves at the deepest level – it is our ability to DEVOTE and COMMIT (to ourselves first, and then to others – “fit your oxygen mask first, then assist others” hehe).

The Stomach function (7-9am) is our ability to ABSORB/LEARN; to honour/understand natural CYCLES, and when the two come together, they create our body’s Earth element. This is akin to High Summer: a time of DEEP SATISFACTION with the outcome of the year’s efforts/harvest; a time of ABUNDANCE, LAUGHTER and CELEBRATION. It also relates to any period of change, such as the transition from one season to the next. It can take devotion and compassion to enter, and be ok with, periods of change. The Earth element is your ability to remain GROUNDED, CENTRED and LOVING while adapting to change. It is your JOYFUL COMPASSION.  As Mr Bowie said “walk tall, act kind”.

Classes at this time focus on strengthening and grounding the body’s physical centre/core and creating flexibility around that. We will spend most of the class on our backs and we will still be applying ourselves quite deeply indeed… building DELIBERATE, CONSCIOUS strength and STAMINA.  We will most likely play around with asanas such as Wheel and Bow Pose – opening the front of the body connects us with the Earth element.

The other organ function responsible for deep nourishment is the Liver, via um resource management.  The Liver takes the best of everything the body has received during the day – its time is 1-3am – and uses it as the standard for the next day.  It also directs all the other resources on priority basis.  The 9am classes will also bring in therapy for the Liver and the Gall Bladder pair, who together are the body’s Wood/Springtime energy and bring the human qualities of VISION, INTELLIGENCE, PATIENCE, PLANNING and FLEXIBILITY to name a few… Excellent awesomeness to cultivate in order to bring about satisfaction with your life’s endeavours 

This has felt like a bit of a serious post, at least we are talking some serious concepts anyway… and why not hunh, nourishment of YOU deserves to be!  And in a gorgeous flexible back-flip, serious devotion to yourself can bring about the most blissful joy of all, oooooeeeeeeee…   9am classes, sigh…

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