Early-Morning Classes – OMG!

Early-Morning Classes – OMG!

Oh yeup, early mornings – who’s a fan? (“OMG I LOVE that time of day!!”)  Who’s not? (“OMG don’t swear at me like that!!”)  Well I’ve been both and I say they both have a lot going for them hehe – was that diplomatic or what? 

And it doesn’t matter which one you are right now because the point for this post remains the same: based my direct experience, which is nicely supported by the theory I’ve been taught, 5-7am is simply THE BEST time to get yourself moving if you are looking to cultivate clarity and energy to take into your day.

You see, according to Chinese Five Element Medicine System, 5-7am is Large Intestine time – say whaaaaaaat?!! What on earth does that mean?  That’s like saying your bowel is in your shoulders – which it is: the Large Intestine meridian runs across the top of the shoulder, so there 

The Body’s Ki/Qi circulates through different organ functions at different times of the day and 5-7am it is in the Large Intestine, which, along with your Lungs, is responsible for wait for it wait for it… your ability to have SOUND JUDGEMENT; to DISCERN what’s for you and not for you; to ELIMINATE and SURRENDER what you no longer want/need and RETAIN and REFINE what you do want/need.

Pretty cool hunh?! 

Lung and Large Intestine form what’s known as the Metal Element, which is like your body’s autumn season.  Balanced, harmonised Lung and Large Intestine will bring you CLARITY and INSPIRATION of being and an innate TRUST in the perfectness of everything.

Spending some early morning time doing dynamic body and breath connection is a great way of saying “Yes please, it’s a brand new day and I’ll have me an easy, pro-active, clear, sure of myself one thank you very much”.

So for those who like bullet points, reasons to come to early morning classes include:
• you will see the sunrise   Really, truly, do I need to even say anything else?
• you continue to eliminate what’s been processed as not needed overnight and go into your day squeaky clean, fresh and new;
• your spirit remembers your body as its home for now and anchors more deeply here;
• your metabolism will improve;
• your lung capacity will improve;
• your energy levels will improve;
• your mind will feel clear and calm, inspired and peaceful.

And all of this is really just a mental um gratification because the real reason to come is simply because you will feel GREAT GREAT GREAT afterwards! I mean really great, invincible almost. Truth.  Just ask those who came to the early morning classes last year… 

If there is a bit of stuff to be surrendered, it might take a little while for your mind to agree… your body will know straight away.  Keep it up and you will wonder why it took you so long to embrace early-morning movement! Seriously  Or maybe not. And is it worth a try anyway…?

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