Yoga in Dimbulah

Yoga in Dimbulah

Hello!  And welcome to the next evolution of Yoga in Dimbulah, yaaaaay…! 🥰

As some of you may already be aware, the Dimbulah Community Centre has been sponsoring classes in Dimbulah since Jun 2019 – and it has been fantastic!  Thank you so soo much DCC for your vision and ability to support the yoga for the last nearly two years 🙂   The time has come for that sponsorship to stop, and this page presents an idea on  how Yoga in Dimbulah might be able to continue 🙂

An eight week term:  29 Apr to 10 Jun
The idea is to see how we go with a term of eight weeks:

  • Thu 7.15pm for 8 weeks
  • From Thu 29 Apr to Thu 10 Jun
  • $140
  • Registrations close 22 Apr
  • Registration is by payment in full


What if I can’t make every class?
I know that some of you can’t make every class… soooo, just work out the classes you can make, and the class contribution will be $20 per class you can attend. So if you can attend four classes, it’s $80.  If you can make six classes, it’s $120 etc 🙂  So you can still register, and obviously come to class, even if you can’t make all 8 classes 😊

Register by 22 April…
To register just follow the steps below, by 22 Apr:

1.  Work out which classes you can attend

2.  Work out the payment amount, eg. all 8 classes are $140, otherwise $20 x the number of classes you can make

3.  Make your payment using these details:

  • BSB – 923 100
  • A/C – 646 93 013
  • Name – Melissa Colman
  • please include your name and the number of classes you’re registering for

If you prefer to pay with credit card via paypal, please use this paypal link

4.  Send me a text message/contact me somehow (0404 862 533) to let me know that you’ve registered.

And that’s it, done, yaaaay!! 😀 😀 😀

If the term doesn’t go ahead…
If the term doesn’t get to go ahead due to numbers, all monies paid will be refunded in full 🙃

What is this yoga thing…?
If you are not familiar with yoga at all, please visit here to learn a little more.

This page will also tell you something of the style of yoga I teach. You can read a bit about me, and some class testimonials from this page aswell 🥰

Hope to see you there 😀
I have really really enjoyed sharing the yoga in Dimbulah with those of you who made it to class under the Community Centre sponsorship.  And I really really hope that this is a viable way to continue sharing the yoga with you 🥰

Please call me if you have any questions: 0404 862 533 😊
Namaste, Melissa