Wamboin Wellness Day Hosts

Wamboin Wellness Day Hosts

Ann Reekie Sensei

Ann is our Aikido Sensei (pronounced sen-say = teacher).

Ann’s bio will be up soon 🙂  In the meantime you can learn more about Ann’s offerings at her website:  www.aikilife.com.au and more about Ann herself at http://aikilife.com.au/about/

Melissa Colman

Melissa enjoyed many years as a project manager in Corporate Sydney (learning about, amongst many other things, the need for ‘work/life/whole of being’ balance) before training also a Japanese Yoga Teacher, Macrobiotic Diet and Way of Life Counsellor, and Shamanic and Tantric Energy practitioner.

Melissa delights in planting the seed that miracles can occur in everyone’s life – we can all achieve what we might initially feel is impossible – and she loves to assist towards that miracle as appropriate.  She and her two little white cat friends live near Murwillumbah in Northern NSW and she is a member of Yoga Australia.

Melissa will instruct us through a Japanese Yoga class, prepare our lunch meal and guide the meditation 🙂

Please click here if you would like to read more about Melissa’s yoga.

Kathryn Ovington

Kathryn is will share with us her love of Astrology and Tarot, which she has been reading for over 20 years.   The Tarot and Astrology conjure up pictures, archetypes and mythologies that help tune into our intuitive right side of the brain. 

Kathryn enjoys uncovering themes to guide and support people in their life journey.   Her readings combine guided insights with practical, down to earth wisdom.  And she brings design thinking and coaching experience to her workshops in a playful, empathic way.

Kathryn lives in Canberra and also has a career as a public servant, lawyer and legal editor and is mother to a wonderful teenage son!