Winter Solstice Celebration – Byron Bay, 23 Jun 2018

Winter Solstice Celebration – Byron Bay, 23 Jun 2018

Winter Solstice… the journey to the dark completes… the journey to the light begins anew… 🙂

* Japanese Yoga *
* Shiatsu Massage *
* Drum Journey *

Sat 23 Jun 2018
11am – 2pm
The Space Foundation – 2b/144 Jonson St, Byron Bay

The Winter Solstice Celebration is a space for you to bring gratitude and celebration to the dark AND the light…

Holding the intention to integrate experiences from the last six months, and to celebrate the return to the light, we will journey together through three sessions.

We start with connecting with the breath in the Hara and some major energetics of the soul in the body via the energy meridians with the Japanese Yoga.  In this session we own and nourish ourselves.  We acknowledge the forces of yin and yang.  We find satisfaction, peace and joy in being in this life.   You can read more about japanese therapy yoga here.

Sharing some basic Shiatsu Massage with each other we allow ourselves to receive from others, allowing ourselves the gift of another’s presence.

The Drum Journey takes us into any messages our deepest self/spirit has for us.   We can consider asking questions such as: what was the gift of the last foray into the dark?  is anything required to prepare for the embracing again of the light?  who am I now?  how do I express that now?  Maybe there are no active questions, simply a desire to hear/see/feel what comes 🙂

Hosting the workshop is Melissa Colman.  You can read more about her here.

Tickets are $55, which includes light lunch and herbal tea, and 10% off if you are a Space Foundation monthly or more member, wooohoooo! (let’s make it $49 🙂  )

Payment is by cash bank transfer or credit card (via Paypal, plus $1).

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