The Mareeba Yoga Studio

The Mareeba Yoga Studio

Welcome to The Mareeba Yoga Studio in 2019!!   😀 😀 😀

The venue… 6 Reynolds St, Mareeba

The timetable…

Class offerings…

  • General classes are exercises designed to (re)connect you more deeply with your physical and energetic body.  This is the style you all know if you have come to my classes before.  Please visit here to read a little more about how it supports us season by season.  
  • Basic/Beginner classes are to introduce the basics of this yoga.  First-timers, please start at one of these classes if you can.  They are at a very gentle pace, and can be taken by those with more experience too whenever they want a reminder.  New-comers who can’t make Tue 5.30pm can also now start at the General/Basic and Stretch n Let Go classes.
  • General/Basic class is general therapy yoga class with the option to become a basic practice if we are sharing our yoga space with some first-timers.  The “Basic” component is for people who:
    • want a beginner level class, and can’t make Tue 5.30pm; and/or
    • have been coming to the Tue 5.30pm beginner class and want to come at other times too and/or who are ready for a little more 🙂 

As with all of the classes, what we cover will be tailored to those of us who are there, and what we need on the day. 

  • General/Vinyasa class is a general therapy yoga class with the option to practice some Asana/Vinyasa if we are all feeling it 🙂  (Asana is the sanskrit name for yoga pose, and typically refers to specific set yoga poses from the Indian tradition.  Vinyasa refers to putting these poses together in a sequence which flows from one pose to the next.  It is different to the General therapeutic yoga taught, which is a set of exercises to give us more access to our bodies, and to a Vinyasa practice should you so desire 🙂
  • Stretch Out & Let Go class gives the chance to move into a position (nearly always lying on the floor) and stay there for 3-5 minutes, if not more.  The Yin class you do when you not quite doing a Yin class 😉 – for everyone, including beginners!

Yoga class passes…

  • single class – $20
  • 4 class pass – $70
  • 8 class pass – $120
  • 12 class pass – $150
  • 18 class pass – $180

Credit card payments can be taken via Paypal (+1.8%).  Please visit this page for credit card and internet bank payment details.

Payment by installment can be arranged.

Any questions at all, please call me 0404 862 533 or use this form 🙂

If you’d like to read a little about me, please visit here.  And if you would like to see some testimonials, please visit this page. 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone who is bringing themselves to the Studio, and sharing themselves from the mat.  It is a privilege to guide you in your practice and in your deepening connection with yourselves.
Namaste wondrous beings,