Japanese Yoga

Japanese Yoga

Classes are an alchemical combination of physical exercises, breathwork, chanting, active and passive meditation, and self and shared massage.

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There is often a seasonal approach with exercises focussing on the body energy systems that support us best as we experience each of the seasons (according to Traditional Oriental Medicine).  For instance, winter time will focus on nourishing the water element functions of the kidney and the bladder; spring time focusses on harmonizing the liver and gall bladder wood energy.  The other season/organ relationships are:  summer – fire element – heart and small intestine; autumn – metal element – lung and large intestine; and there is also a high summer/transition from one season to the next period – the earth element – stomach and spleen.

There is often a different approach depending on the time of day – as the body’s Qi/Ki/energy visits different body functions during the day too – early morning classes are generally more dynamic, middle of the day classes we can start to work deep and afternoon/evening classes are geared to facilitating a winding-up/integration of the day.

Whatever form the class takes, there will be awareness of and attention to what the participants are looking for to bring about a deeper, lusher experience of themselves and their lives.  As the energy meridians are allowed to balance and we begin to trust again/allow even more the inherent intelligence of our bodies and the relationship we allow we have with them, our bodies tone and strengthen on every level:  more and more peace can enter the mind, joy can inhabit our hearts, our inspirations can flow from our souls.  Our lives can feel more and more stunningly miraculous and amazing.

Japanese Yoga is a foundational practice of health.  It is an “aswell as” practice:  it complements all other styles of yoga, enabling more and more access to your favourite (and maybe not so favourite ha ha) yoga asanas and whatever else you simply love having in your life (cycling, running, the gym, playing with the kids, camping, fishing, connecting with your partner and other loved ones, dancing, gardening, zen meditation, etc…)

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