Evening Classes

Evening Classes

(Aka Truthful Connection and Intention, Warrior Poses and maybe some Inversions woohoo)

First, a little background: the Chinese (Daoist) Five Element Medicine System is based on the assumption that what is outside of us is reflected inside of us. Ancient internal alchemists and sages noted that the human experience follows similar cycles to that of Nature. As the name implies the framework is made up of five basic energies, with each of these energies representing a season of the planet: Water/Winter, Wood/Spring, Fire/Summer, Earth/High Summer and Metal/Autumn. The concepts of Yin and Yang, ie. opposites are also fundamental to this metaphysical approach to human health.

Some of the characteristics of Metal, Earth and Wood have been discussed briefly in the Early Morning and 9am Classes posts.  Now for a little chit-chat on the Fire Element 

The Fire Element is our ability to CONNECT; to COMMUNICATE; to COMMUNE; to be AWARE/”AWAKE”; to CREATE physically.

It manifests primarily in the Heart function. The other three organ functions are the Small Intestine, the Heart Constrictor and the Triple Heater – these last two being unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine. These three are effectively there to support the Heart, which instinctively in general sounds like a good thing, right? Right!  And the Daoist metaphysicists say the Heart is where the inspirational energies of the heavens combine with the resourceful energies of the planet, and kapowee, creation is possible! It’s considered to be the Emperor (this is a Chinese framework) of the body… It’s where the Human Spirit lives.

So, the Fire Element is strong in us humans (“the Force is strong with this one” hehe, with all of us) – we certainly, as a species, hold the monopoly on creation in the physical plane here!

The point of 7pm yoga, we’re nearly there… after just a little more um theory… thank you, by the way, for reading this far 

Heart and Small Intestine time is 11am-3pm and just seems to be a weird time to do a yoga class (did I just say that? Did I really just say that it is weird to do a yoga class at any time?? ha ha ha) – well, it is for those of us who are out living our lives – this is what the Fire Element is about – TAKING CREATIVE ACTION. To support this there is also 7-11pm, time for the Heart Constrictor and Triple Heater, which translate to our internal communication (via the blood), our Aura, immune and endocrine systems, ability to regulate body temperature and a component of our sexual energy!

Ok, so here it is, finally hee hee…! THIS is why you come to 7pm classes… They are an opportunity to INTEGRATE. They invite you to CONNECT your DAY with your DREAMS: to allow CLEAR FLOW and foster UNDERSTANDING between what happened “external” to you during the day and what your “internal” TRUTH is. It is a beautiful time to be INTIMATE with yourself, and ACKNOWLEDGE your SPIRIT. They are an opportunity to set any INTENTIONS/make any PRAYERS for what you would like for tomorrow. And, above all else, they are one last waking opportunity for the day to express your GRATITUDE for what has been, what is now, and what is to come and who you are! Kapoweee number two! 

In addition to general Fire Element meridian health exercises, we will play a little with Water and Fire Warrior Poses and possibly Shoulder Stand and Headstand. These will tap into and harmonise with the Water Element of the Kidney and Bladder functions (3-7pm), which is effectively your deepest Life Force (“I will”) and the holder of your aspirations for this life (“I am”). Kapoweee cor blimey number three… 🙂

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