Wamboin Chakra Blessing Meditation

Wamboin Chakra Blessing Meditation


 8pm Thu 2 Nov 
Wamboin Community Hall

Come on out and Spring Clean your chakras! 

Cha… what??

Chakra is from a sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “circle/cycle”… Chakras are our unseen (to most people) energy centres, the ‘wheels of life’… they are spiralling vortices through which it is said comes the energy to create and sustain our humanness: our bodies and our experiences here.

No waaaay, get outta town!!!

I know right?  A pretty fascinating idea to me… and whether i believe it or not is actually irrelevant to me… i base my sharings on my experiences, and my experience with this process is that it consistently delivers wonderfully beneficial results for folk who are seeking to surrender the old and welcome the new… 

So, I invite again: come on out with your Spring Clean intention and let’s see what happens… 

Included in the unlimited yoga pass, $20 for other pass holders, $25 otherwise.  Herbal tea provided afterwards.  Bring a mat of some kind, cushion and covering if desired… I’m looking forward to sharing this special ritual with you, Namaste, Melissa

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