The healing artisans introduced on this page have been involved in delivering Healing Arts Events in the past.  They may or may not be involved in your event depending on your location and their availability 🙂

Melissa Colman enjoyed many years as a project manager in Corporate Sydney (learning about, amongst many other things, the need for ‘work/life/whole of being’ balance) before training also a Yoga Teacher, Macrobiotic Diet and Way of Life Counsellor, and Shamanic and Tantric Energy practitioner.

Melissa delights in planting the seed that miracles can occur in everyone’s life – we can all achieve what we might initially feel is impossible – and she loves to assist towards that miracle as appropriate.  She lives in Kuranda, Far North Queensland.

More on Melissa’s yoga can be found here:  the yoga, Melissa Colman, class testimonials and at the Mareeba Yoga website or the Mareeba Yoga facebook page

Nikki Nicholls’ first healing art passion is Children’s and Family Yoga, and her more recently found love is Art Therapy.  She loves art as a means to express without the need for words.

Art Therapy has the potential to initiate an inner process that unfolds like a mystical journey leading towards healing, creativity, meaning and love. Gradually one becomes aware of subtle body sensations, inner urges, impulses and ideas that begin to shape a more genuine source of identity than the conditioned “shoulds” of learned behaviour.

“Art therapy is not so much about understanding and interpreting pictures as it is about the process of creating them. Healing happens through the act of symbolic expression. … The client can learn to understand, redirect, transform, integrate and thus heal and increase his or her flow of energy” (Elbrecht, Cornelia 2006).

She lives at Koah in Far North Queensland, with her husband and two daughters.

Paul Turner‘s love affair with Tai Chi has spanned 16 years so far, starting in Sydney and migrating to Far North Queensland in 2005. His experience with Tai Chi keeps getting deeper and deeper. His personal practice and teaching is evolving from an already integrated Body Mind Spirit exploration to deliciously cultivating the Soul. This is done through connection with the present moment, the NOW… Paul says Tai Chi gives us a “toolbar of knowledge within a realm of yin and yang” and provides “access to a truly rare experience of acceptance and gratitude”.

Paul lives and loves at Ravenshoe in FNQ, with his wife, three children, dogs and cat, and is a big rig/heavy vehicles mechanic in his non-Tai Chi time.

Victoria Jenkins started her career in health and well-being training as an aqua aerobics teacher 20 years ago, and continuing on to become an Okido Japanese Yoga Teacher.  Victoria’s cooking prowess has been passed on from her grandmother, mother and Japanese influences.  She has also trained in Ayuverdic Massage and traditional Indian Yoga.

Victoria is passionate about the relationship between yang (tension) and yin (no tension), and how to use these two states to bring about balance, harmony and sustainable well-being in our daily lives.  She lives at Sawtell on the Central NSW Coast.