Yoga at Top Of The Range

Therapy Yoga is starting at Top Of The Range 😀 😀 😀

Wed 21 Jul to Wed 9 Sep
13 Bangalow Place

Visit here to read more about the yoga 🙂 Visit here to read more about your teacher 🙂

Yoga in Dimbulah, yaaay

The next term of Yoga in Dimbulah is:

Thu 22 Jul to Thu 9 Sep
Make contact for the address 🙂

Visit here for more details 😀

Mareeba Yoga

Mareeba Yoga holds regular public classes Therapy YogaVinyasa and Hatha Asana classes in eight week Yoga Terms to (re)connect you with your body and your innate ability to feel well 😀 😀 😀

Mareeba Yoga also offers private classes in Therapy Yoga and the occasional special event 😉

For more, please peruse the Mareeba Yoga website 😀



Introduce yourself to the Self-Care Power and Personal Growth Joy of ancient and modern healing arts!

Healing Arts Events delights in, and is dedicated to, sharing a myriad of these arts with you in a fun nourishing enlivening way.


  • design, organise and deliver tailor-made programmes for your team/group of people, ie. work colleagues, community team members, family and friends – programmes that will meet your team’s wellness, celebration and/or general connection needs;
  • create and deliver events that are open to the public so that individuals can meet some healing arts, some healing artisans, and experience first-hand some healing arts practices; and
  • take and act upon requests from you to hold a public event in your town/locality, and look forward with anticipation to what might become a reality!  🙂